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In-house E-publishing Products

Manage your content effectively.

Our integrated suite of cutting edge technology products for e-Publishing and content management enables us to seamlessly churn out over 1 million journal and book pages annually.

Contextual Copyediting (CC3)SM

Contextual Copyediting (CC3)SM is a content stratification process that evaluates incoming manuscripts, reports issues and allows for intelligent decision making.

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CasperTM is an interactive, browser-based copyediting system that has more than 1,000 built-in rules and is fully customizable to publisher-specific needs.

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SesameTM is a virtual project management system that consolidates production, tracking, and reporting. It also includes a web-based client-facing dashboard for reporting.

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EditGenieTM is a sophisticated online correction tool that offers a simple and intuitive word-like interface for delivery of proofs and input of corrections.

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In-house Products

Products & services from Katalyst deliver a defined return on investment. Are you looking to lead the way in leveraging technology to provide a differentiated customer experience? We can help you get there.