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Evanston, IL

500 Davis Street,
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We provide resources, proven processes and quality control measures for testing, training and deployment of software. Partnering with our clients, we execute the plan that has been refined, developed and tested.

We deploy the highest quality implementation services, including hardware, firmware, software, and real-time mobile applications. Gain visibility and make decisions in actual time with our “live” solutions and certified implementation services.

At Katalyst, we have been helping companies reduce their overall WMS spend and redirecting their resources by providing our resources to partially or fully manage and execute the implementation of WMS packages such as Manhattan, JDA and SAP.

Katalyst Expertise

Standard operating procedures are assessed for ways to decrease touches through process or systemic improvements. Modifications can be implemented with minimal disruption to the business.

Best-in-Class Implementation and System Installation Services.

Katalyst Differentiators

  • Creating tailored test plans to ensure testing quality.
  • Provide certified trainers and tailored plans for WMS.
  • Executing performance assessments to further define areas for improvement from both an operational and systems perspective.
  • Implementing incremental functional and technical improvements.

Successful Deliverables

  • Process changes and recommendations to add capacity and remove performance bottlenecks.
  • Improved user knowledge and acceptance of the solution.
  • Increased real world testing scenarios resulting in more complete testing efforts.
  • Smoother data conversions.