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Supply Chain And Logistics

Connect the dots to create a lasting advantage.

In today's volatile and increasingly digital global business environment, companies need less of a supply chain and more of a supply network.

Deep Dive
Create a more flexible and responsive supply chain to delight your customers.

Redefining Agility

We are committed to helping clients achieve high performance through supply chain mastery. Our innovative supply chain strategies and solutions combine global industry experience that help organizations transform their supply chain capabilities.

We specialize in the implementation, customization, and production support of the industry’s leading warehouse management software. This includes PKMS, Warehouse Management (WMOS), and Distributed Order Management (DOM) packages. In addition, our proprietary software and tactical operations support tool “iCaliper” helps monitor, measure, and improve performance in an automated and timely manner.

Supply Chain & Logistics


We help clients design new warehouse operations that are transparent, intelligent, and predictive.

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Supply Chain & Logistics


We have been helping companies reduce their overall WMS spend and redirecting their resources by providing our resources to partially or fully manage and execute the implementation of WMS packages such as Manhattan, JDA, and SAP.

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Supply Chain & Logistics


Clients choose us to provide production support for Manhattan WMi and other applications because of our ability to provide better incident resolution, improved overall SLA performance, full root cause analysis for high priority incidents, and KPI reporting.

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Supply Chain & Logistics


We provide modifications and advanced integration services, given our data model and system architecture knowledge. Our customers benefit from reduced integration time and cost by leveraging pre-built interfaces.

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IN-house product


iCaliper is our product that monitors and supervises the functionalities of your Supply Chain Management system. The application is designed to augment performance and reduce overheads.

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Supply Chain & Logistics

Case Studies


Optimized Pick Path Algorithm

Simulated annealing, enhanced with heuristic modifications, provides an optimized algorithm for picking parts from a warehouse.

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We work with enterprises that are looking to lead the way in leveraging technology to continuously drive efficiency. Integrating the right technology can help you provide higher quality customer service.