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Evanston, IL

500 Davis Street,
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By maintaining a large pool of fully qualified employees, we can quickly meet our clients’ requirements and offer guaranteed results with immediate, reliable solutions to fulfill all staffing needs.

As a global resource supplier, we provide our clients with qualified resources and skill-sets that are highly sought after, such as Big Data, Oracle, .NET, JAVA, QA & Automation, SAP, Dev Ops and more. This includes a large and diverse pool of dependable, highly skilled professionals.

Katalyst Expertise

Our unique approach towards knowledge management enables us to quickly harvest top notch reliable & highly qualified professionals, thereby enabling agility and higher quality of service to our clients.

Our customized Recruiting Process also creates a highly collaborative environment between Hiring Managers and our Delivery Organization leading to faster response times for our clients’ requirements.

End-to-End Strategic Recruiting Solutions to Meet Your Needs.

Katalyst Differentiators

  • Leverage our team of highly skilled industry veterans who will work side by side with you to create Customized Staffing Solutions based on your organization's unique needs, industry and individual hiring requirements.
  • Agility, quality and results focused to ensure right fit for your business challenges.

Successful Deliverables

  • We bring game changer expertise to our clients.
  • Our passive recruiting strategy enables us to have a robust “built in” virtual database that is brimming with quality talent.