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Clients entrust us to partner with them to address their “Big Data” challenges. Our expert professionals are armed with deep statistical analytics and predictive modeling expertise.

Our domain experts partner with our client to understand the chaos of “Big Data” and quickly help them to move from traditional business intelligence reporting to inferential analytics and predicting future outcomes.

We have end-to-end “Big Data” solutions that leverage technologies such as Hadoop, Map Reduce/Hive/Spark, Hbase, Pig, Presto and more.

Katalyst Expertise

Solve business complexity and unlock new opportunities. Make better and faster decisions.

Katalyst will work to help you bring order to your Big Data challenges by being your trusted partner. Our seasoned consultants have proven expertise and will help you implement the technologies you need to manage and understand your data which will enable to see the trends so that you can quickly address your Big Data challenges.

Big Data Solutions to Meet Your Challenges.

Katalyst Differentiators

  • Industry leading open-source software framework.
  • Store data and run applications on clusters of commodity hardware.
  • Low cost, flexible and scalable solutions.
  • Specialized sourcing.

Successful Deliverables

Industry-leading data warehousing solutions to pinpoint the right information at the right time, accelerate analysis and see the trends to help shape innovative business strategies.