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Evanston, IL

500 Davis Street,
Suite #701,
IL 60201, USA

Nova Techset has over 15 years’ experience in journal project management and over 25 years’ experience of full service book project management. We currently project manage over five-hundred journal titles and have successfully project managed thousands of book titles. We have an extremely thorough understanding of everything that is required to manage books and journals successfully and have received much appreciation from authors. Publishers have often been asked by authors if they can work with Nova Techset again.

The services that we offer are:

For books

  • full manuscript audit including artwork and permissions
  • direct contact with author(s) and title editors for both single-contributed and multi-contributed books
  • schedule creation and agreement
  • copyediting management
  • artwork redrawing or relabelling management
  • proof distribution and progress chasing
  • collation of corrections and handling of author queries
  • management of further proof rounds
  • index creation
  • print file testing with designated printer

For journals

  • direct author and journal editor contact
  • progress chasing proofs
  • handling author queries and resolving author query problems
  • responsibility for the author/editor correction process
  • issue compilation
  • managing schedules
  • monitoring page budgets
  • monitoring quality metrics
  • monitoring timeliness metrics
  • monitoring communication metrics
  • reporting