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Nova Techset has always been at the forefront of technology and uses all possible means to incorporate the latest ideas into its workflows and processes.

Nova Techset is implementing a detailed and comprehensive technology roadmap based on newer thinking in its drive for even greater automation.

Two of the areas in which We are currently developing products are:
  • Predictive technology to further streamline pre-editing and copyediting.
  • Cloud-based project management tools for closer and more transparent monitoring by the customer.

Technology Tools

Nova Techset uses three platforms for XML-first and non-XML composition.

Contextual Copyediting (CC3)SM

A content stratification process that:

  • evaluates incoming manuscripts using the Grammarly™ platform
  • reports Grammarly™ issues and categorizes content into 3 levels (thus the name CC3SM)
  • allows for rapid and intelligent decisions on the type of editorial intervention each piece of content requires
  • passes a smaller percentage of articles through the traditional copyediting process, speeding time to publication


A sophisticated online correction tool that:

  • offers a simple and intuitive Word-like interface for delivery of proofs and input of corrections
  • allows authors to review proofs and make content corrections directly within XML
  • renders multiple flavors of PDF and HTML5 with and without corrections highlighted
  • is fully customizable to publisher workflow requirements
  • supports both native MathML and LaTeX equation editing, as well as full table editing
  • speeds the author correction cycle, leading to faster turnaround and publication times


An interactive, browser-based copyediting system that:

  • cleans up content, structures references and front matter and integrates directly with online DOI sites
  • converts content to XML and automates style and usage corrections
  • has more than 1,000 built-in rules and is fully customizable to publisher-specific needs
  • suggests alternative scientific phrases for copyeditors to consider
  • is currently in Word but will soon also support LaTeX editing

Sesame™ (as in "Open Sesame!")

A virtual project management system that:

  • consolidates production, tracking and reporting
  • checks input content for completeness
  • identifies and reports missing content
  • tracks content being converted
  • distributes composed proofs and collects corrected files from authors
  • sends reminders for tasks at set intervals
  • includes a web-based client-facing dashboard for reporting
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