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InDesign is also a highly sophisticated design package and one favoured by many publishers, particularly publishers of large and extensively designed textbooks and books requiring ePub versions. Nova Techset can offer both XML-first and non-XML workflows using InDesign and we are also able to offer a streamlined ePub conversion process to ePub3 and MOBI.


When all, or the majority, of source files for a journal or book are supplied in TeX or LaTeX it makes sense to work in LaTeX to maintain the integrity of the mathematics and mathematical symbols. In particular, displayed equations in TeX/LaTeX source files do not always convert 100% when taken into other pagination systems, requiring the rekeying of some material and the inevitable risk of introducing errors into an author’s carefully created math. By employing an XML-first LaTeX workflow Nova Techset overcomes any such problems and, in the case of books, can also provide a final download to the publisher that can form the basis of any new edition.

Arbortext APP (3B2)

We use APP for the majority of journal work and some books, especially those requiring an XML-first workflow. We believe that APP’s compatibility with full-text XML and its superior autopagination routines make it the ideal composition platform for most journals and many categories of book. By the creation and use of highly sophisticated APP templates, APP can be programmed to produce extremely high-quality typeset pages with a full automation level of around 85%, leaving the remaining 15% of content, with difficult features such as very large and complicated tables, difficult table and figure to text ratios and asymmetrical page layouts, to be finished by an operator.