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Level 1

A basic copyedit is done, for punctuation, typographical errors such as missing prepositions, spelling errors, etc., where the content needs little intervention.

Level 2

The standard level that we apply to about 80% of the copyediting we undertake, in which the basic copyedit plus editing for grammar, sentence structure and word choice is carried out.

Level 3

Where the level of English is poor a comprehensive language edit is required.

Nova Techset’s large in-house copyediting department copyedits over 900,000 journal and book pages per year. Our customers demand the highest levels of quality.

Regardless of the level of copyediting applied, our copyediting addresses fundamental grammar mistakes, for example, those regarding punctuation, apostrophes, capitals, or unmatched quotation marks or brackets. We do a thorough reading of the text for sense and structure, with poorly worded sentences queried or an alternative wording suggested. We correct sentences to ensure that tenses match consistently, that definite and indefinite articles are used correctly, and long or convoluted sentences are also queried.

Where articles are very badly written and a large amount of language editing is required they are referred to one of our specialist language editors, either in our Bengaluru copyediting department or in extreme cases, to one of our US or UK freelancers.

We monitor the copyediting that we supply very thoroughly, applying a score to our copyediting based on daily sampling undertaken using ISO standard sampling practices. We also monitor proof corrections very closely, using them as a feedback loop for our copyeditors on a journal-by-journal or title-by-title basis.

The majority of the copyediting we undertake is handled by our large copyediting departments in our Bengaluru and Chennai offices, but we also offer copyediting handled by our pool of highly experienced UK and US freelancers. In these instances, we manage the copyediting stage through them, supplying them with pre-edited files and monitoring their workloads, ensuring that schedules are being adhered to and that there is adequate holiday and sickness cover.