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Nova Techset is one of the foremost suppliers of prepress services to the STM and academic publishing world.

With delivery centers in Bengaluru and Chennai, and offices in the UK and the US, we employ a staff of over 700 skilled and experienced personnel and produce over 1,000,000 book and journal pages a year.


Nova Techset offers two types of pre-editing: server-based and semi-automated.


Input source files are automatically taken from a customer’s manuscript delivery system or from an ftp site and routed through one of our servers to have the document structure and full-text XML DTD imposed automatically with no manual intervention.


An operator runs the source files through a pre-editing template that is journal or book specific. During this process, structure and XML DTD are imposed and the operator makes informed choices about many standard text elements, units, species names, capitalization, etc, aided by dropdown menus and an online journal or book style sheet that can easily be referred to throughout the process. References are validated against CrossRef and PubMed Central.


We offer three levels of copyediting:

Level 1

Where the content needs little intervention, copyediting is done to correct the punctuation, typographical errors, and spelling.

Level 2

The standard level that we apply to about 80% of the copyediting we undertake, in which the level 1 editing as well as grammar, sentence structure, and word choice is carried out.

Level 3

In-depth copyediting, which includes structural revisions, grammar, checking factual data, consistency of tone, and flow of ideas.

Nova Techset’s large in-house copyediting department copyedits over 900,000 journal and book pages per year. Our customers demand the highest levels of quality.

The majority of the copyediting we undertake is handled by our large copyediting departments in our Bengaluru and Chennai offices, but we also offer copyediting handled by our pool of highly experienced UK and US freelancers. In these instances, we manage the copyediting stage, supplying them with pre-edited files and monitoring their workloads, ensuring that schedules are being adhered to and that there is adequate staff coverage.


Nova Techset uses three platforms for XML-first and non-XML composition.

Arbortext APP (3B2)

We use APP for the majority of journal work and some books, especially those requiring an XML-first workflow. We believe that APP’s compatibility with full-text XML and its superior auto-pagination routines make it the ideal composition platform.


When source files for a journal or book are supplied in TeX or LaTeX it makes sense to work in LaTeX to maintain the integrity of the mathematics and mathematical symbols.


We offer both XML-first and non-XML workflows using InDesign, and we are able to offer a streamlined ePub conversion process to ePub3 and MOBI.

Project Management

Nova Techset has over 15 years’ experience in journal project management and over 25 years’ experience in full-service book project management.


  • Direct author and journal editor contact
  • Progress chasing proofs
  • Handling author queries and resolving author query problems
  • Responsibility for the author/editor correction process
  • Issue compilation
  • Managing schedules
  • Monitoring page budgets
  • Monitoring quality metrics
  • Monitoring timeliness metrics
  • Monitoring communication metrics
  • Reporting


  • Full manuscript audit including artwork and permissions
  • Direct contact with author(s) and title editors for both single-contributed and multi-contributed books
  • Schedule creation and agreement
  • Copyediting management
  • Artwork redrawing or relabeling management
  • Proof distribution and progress chasing
  • Collation of corrections and handling of author queries
  • Management of further proof rounds
  • Index creation
  • Print file testing with designated printer

App Center

App Creation

Using Adobe Digital Publishing Solutions, we are able to create highly designed, immersive content and publish it across a variety of devices-including iPads, Kindle Fire, and other Android devices.

App Testing

Functionality, usability, and consistency are all thoroughly checked during this process across a wide range of platforms/devices. We can provide a testing service to any publisher who has developed an app, whether internally or via a third party supplier.


Nova Techset uses three platforms for XML-first and non-XML composition.

Nova Techset simplifies eBook creation and conversion for all mobile devices, delivering the highest quality affordable digital content from any source format. We offer publishers a truly flexible solution for preparing eBook content for the Apple iPad, iPhone, Amazon Kindle, Nook, VitalSource Bookshelf, Bluefire, iBook Author, Windows, and Android mobile readers.

Technology Tools

Nova Techset uses three platforms for XML-first and non-XML composition.

Contextual Copyediting (CC3)SM

A content stratification process that:

  • evaluates incoming manuscripts using the Grammarly™ platform
  • reports Grammarly™ issues and categorizes content into 3 levels (thus the name CC3SM)
  • allows for rapid and intelligent decisions on the type of editorial intervention each piece of content requires
  • passes a smaller percentage of articles through the traditional copyediting process, speeding time to publication


A sophisticated online correction tool that:

  • offers a simple and intuitive Word-like interface for delivery of proofs and input of corrections
  • allows authors to review proofs and make content corrections directly within XML
  • renders multiple flavors of PDF and HTML5 with and without corrections highlighted
  • is fully customizable to publisher workflow requirements
  • supports both native MathML and LaTeX equation editing, as well as full table editing
  • speeds the author correction cycle, leading to faster turnaround and publication times


An interactive, browser-based copyediting system that:

  • cleans up content, structures references and front matter and integrates directly with online DOI sites
  • converts content to XML and automates style and usage corrections
  • has more than 1,000 built-in rules and is fully customizable to publisher-specific needs
  • suggests alternative scientific phrases for copyeditors to consider
  • is currently in Word but will soon also support LaTeX editing

Sesame™ (as in "Open Sesame!")

A virtual project management system that:

  • consolidates production, tracking and reporting
  • checks input content for completeness
  • identifies and reports missing content
  • tracks content being converted
  • distributes composed proofs and collects corrected files from authors
  • sends reminders for tasks at set intervals
  • includes a web-based client-facing dashboard for reporting
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Other Services


  • Article full-text XML tagged source and art files uploaded to the publisher’s online hosting site after article acceptance
  • Article full-text XML files uploaded to the publisher’s online hosting site after page proof correction
  • Article web-optimized PDF files uploaded to the publisher’s online hosting site after proof correction
  • Issue full-text XML files uploaded to the publisher’s online hosting site after issue compilation and correction
  • Issue web-optimized PDF files uploaded to the publisher’s online hosting site after issue compilation and correction
  • Issue print PDF files
  • XML uploads to various database sites such as CrossRef, PMC, and SCOAP3 and to digital repositories such as Deepdyve, Portico, EBSCO, Thomson Reuters, Kesli, CNKI, and Palgrave
  • Uploads of copyedited files, proof correction files and art files, at all stages, if required


  • Corrected chapter web-optimized PDF files
  • Corrected chapter full-text XML files
  • Final web-optimized PDF files
  • Final print PDF files
  • Final art files
  • Final Word download files
  • Final LaTeX download files
  • ePub files
  • Final full-text XML files