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SesameTM is a highly intuitive and functional virtual project management system, which consolidates production, tracking, and reporting. Upon inception of a workflow process, all relevant details of the project are fed into the SesameTM system and those details then travel along with the production of the content. The system has the ability to track the content being converted, distribute composed proofs to authors, collect corrected files from authors, and send reminders for certain tasks to be done at set intervals. There is a report generating module attached to Sesame™ that generates standard production reports customized to each customer account.

SesameTM is able to check the completeness of files, identify any missing content such as tables and figures which are cited in the document but not supplied (and vice-versa). It raises automatic editor queries and author queries. Once the incoming content set is complete and available, SesameTM analyzes the complexity of the content based on AI-based logic and books the content into NT’s production units with auto-allocation and scheduled turn-time estimates for the specific production unit to be used. SesameTM then tracks and follows up on the content in process until all workflow components are completed, including raising queries and sending emails to customers.

SesameTM includes a web-based client-facing dashboard. This system is due to come fully online by early 2018 and will be integrated as an extension of ContentGenieTM for online proofing capabilities.