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Employees are the cornerstone of any successful business. At EnSoul, we believe it's important to take care of your work family.

A Heritage of Successful Problem-Solving

Market Research Media estimates that the HR market will reach $9.2 billion by 2020. This flurry of new HR solutions flooding the market can be overwhelming. We know. We did our own research and found that most of these solutions were not designed for the way small- to medium-sized businesses operate. So, we decided to build one that does.

Cookie Cutter Doesn’t Cut It

In order for an HR solution to truly meet the needs of a small- to mediumsized business, it must first be flexible. That’s why we built EnSoul with customization in mind. Unlike rigid (and expensive) systems built for the masses, EnSoul was designed to be customizable. The software is easily adapted to how you do business -- at a price you can afford


Key Features and Benefits

EnSoul is a SaaS-based solution that is regularly enhanced with new features, most of which come directly from customer suggestions as well as our own use of the product.

  • SaaS solution
  • Single sign-on across HR, on/-offboarding, benefit, timesheet, immigration, and payroll
  • Electronic signatures
  • Easily integrates with existing third-party solutions
  • Intuitive to use
  • Built for customizations
  • Affordable
  • Service and support with a smile

Let us Go Beyond Enrollment

EnSoul was built by real business owners to reflect the way real businesses operate. We know it works because we use it ourselves. Request a demo and see for yourself.

The EnSoul application is simple and intuitive to use. Timesheet approval and tracking is easy and clear. Payroll reporting is a breeze and we are in the process of completely integrating EnSoul with our payroll system for an even more seamless process. Nichole Hembree, Director at Boardshare

About Us

EnSoul offers a new approach to HR software that goes beyond enrollment. As small business owners ourselves, we recognize that employees are at the heart and soul of any business. Today’s one-size-fits-all solutions are inflexible and expensive to ustomize. EnSoul is purpose-built to support the kinds of customizations small- to medium sized businesses require without breaking the bank. To learn more, contact