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EditGenieTM is a sophisticated, XML-based, Online Correction Tool (OCT) that offers a Word-like display and allows authors to incorporate corrections directly into the XML and renders that output as multiple flavors of PDF and HTML5. This is enabled through an intuitive graphical user interface where the author can see all corrections in real-time and generate either PDF or HTML instantly to visualize the typeset proof or online deliverable. This tool can be customized to publisher- and content-specific requirements.

EditGenieTM enables each change made by the author to be accepted or rejected at a subsequent stage. It is hosted in a cloud environment and accelerates the author correction cycle significantly, leading to faster turnaround times and increased speed of publication.

EditGenieTM fully supports both native MathML and LaTeX equation editing, allowing the author to make any corrections that are required to equations, whether the article was originally created in Word (along with a math package), or directly in LaTeX. Tables are also fully editable in EditGenieTM with the facility of inserting or deleting columns. EditGenieTM is currently live in production with a 98% author uptake.