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CasperTM is an automated, server-based, interactive copyediting system developed by Nova Techset. CasperTM is fully integrated with EditGenieTM and creates a highly-flexible, end-to-end pre-edit/copyedit/proofing/corrections process, all within one intuitive browser-based interface.

Nova Techset is able to customize the system to a publisher’s specific requirement, creating maximum workflow flexibility. CasperTM currently takes in Microsoft Word files (though we will be supporting native LaTeX in the future as well).

CasperTM cleans up the content, adds content tags, moves all the floating content to the bottom of the file, removes any junk characters, and inserts all required content markup. It also structures references and front matter with one click (including author names, with a direct integration with online DOI sites such as CrossRef and PubMed Central). When pre-editing work is completed, CasperTM converts the file to XML and the file is then available to be worked on by NT (or freelance or publisher-based) copyeditors within the editGenie interface.

A “stylecheck” module within CasperTM handles automatable style points (en-dash in number ranges, quotes style, punctuation following i.e./e.g. and so on) and can be customized to meet specific journal styles. The “editing” module within CasperTM has several features to reduce the time-consuming aspects of copyediting. It identifies inconsistencies in hyphenation, spelling, capitalization, contractions, abbreviations, US-UK English usage and so forth.

The “grammar” module within CasperTM has approximately 1,000 built-in rules to identify problematic words/phrases that our internal copyeditors encounter during the content editing process. Rules are categorized into numerous categories (preposition usage, article usage, commonly misused words, plural noun usage, contextual usage, etc.). Suggestions offered by the tool include scientific sentences as examples for copyeditors to consider. This tool can be customized to meet the specific word usage needs of the publishers for whom we work. CasperTM is integrated with ContentGenie™ as an extension