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Katalyst Technologies, a global company in the technology and IT space with offices located not only in the US but also in India and UK. Katalyst is proud of its workforce being 70% millennials and was recently certified as a Great Place to Work. That being said, Katalyst’s HR team gives particular emphasis in providing recent graduates opportunities to be a part of this rapidly growing company.

Katalyst firmly believes that gaining a real-world hands-on experience is an integral part of a student’s education to make their learning more challenging, yet interesting. Hence, it offers two internship opportunities to local and international students. Moreover, this gives us a chance to identify and train potential future employees.

Our internship programs are designed to be rigorous and do not include just general duties like collecting records and maintaining paperwork but are designed to extend what they learn at school, college or university. Some of our recent interns have worked on projects like creating a procurement process, generating cost recovery reports and Business Intelligence (BI) reports. Some of the core areas of focus for our internship programs are software engineering AI, BI, embedded engineering, e-Commerce, finance and human resources.

Being an intern at Katalyst means more than getting involved in the day-to-day activities of running of the company. As an intern, you’ll get exposure to real projects and challenges in a vibrant environment and gain real-world experiences; all while working with the brightest and best in the company and participate as a member of the workforce of the one fastest growing companies.

Katalyst offices have been buzzing with interns this summer, with an international student offered an overseas internship at our Pune (India) office. Mechanical Engineering intern in Pune, Mateo, said in a blog he recently published on Facebook, “when I first got the offer to come all the way here, I laughed because the prospect of going all this way to India, to a city I had never heard of and 100% by myself was a bit ludicrous in my mind. But the more I thought about it, the more I began seeing it as an unbeatable opportunity both regarding what I would learn professionally, as well as how much I could grow as a person. This was pretty much as ‘outside of my comfort zone’ I have ever put myself, but I am so glad I did.” This Friday marks the third week of his internship at Katalyst Pune and he is glad to be in a new setting and helps him see things in a different light. Full blog available on

Our interns at the Katalyst Evanston, however faced some challenges thrown their way, John explained “Katalyst has been a great opportunity as far as learning about multiple business units outside of my respective finance and accounting focused education. It has given me exceptional insight into the different careers I may want to explore post-graduation while also exposing me to a very welcoming culture that I hope to similarly find in my future employment. Being quite uncertain at times, as to what the nature of my job title entailed I have come to grow both professionally and individually through my experience with Katalyst Technologies. Although quite informal, real-world jobs require critical thinking, flexibility, and the ability to adapt to anything thrown your way”.

While the other, Bharat working with our US mechanical engineering team added, “I have gained a lot from my experience as an intern. Katalyst has given me the chance to learn two different CAD softwares, learn about engineering drafting standards, and many other subjects related to my field of Mechanical Engineering. One of my favorite experiences was attending the ISTE trade show, where I was able to see all of technological advancements in the area of education.”

Some of our other interns are working in conjunction with the Immigration and Travel team on other projects that entail, filing petitions and creating a Vendor Management process.

If you are a recent graduate or undergraduate looking to experience work-culture at a multinational company, all our locations offer internships that allow you to see for yourself what Katalyst is all about. Opportunities vary from country to country – in some locations, internships are aimed at undergraduate students and, in others, at graduates and young professionals with the right work experience. Summer, Fall, and Spring internship opportunities are offered at Katalyst.

For more information and to apply to our internship programs email us at

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Katalyst Technologies

Katalyst Technologies

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