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Success Story:

Material Handling
Equipment Project

Apparel client achieves 63% increase in orders through
Katalyst Technologies’ Supply Chain and Logistics solutions.


An up-and-coming apparel company first came to Katalyst concerned with its existing facility design and operations management. At the time, the company’s e-commerce demands were outgrowing its warehouse facility layout, causing limited production due to slow processes. As a result, the company turned to Katalyst for our expertise in Supply Chain and Logistics solutions to modify its warehouse models.

Why Katalyst?

We are committed to helping clients achieve high performance through supply chain mastery. Our innovative supply chain strategies and solutions combine global industry experience that help organizations transform their supply chain capabilities.

Katalyst Supply Chain & Logistics

We specialize in the implementation, customization, and production support of the industry’s leading warehouse management software. This includes:

  • - PKMS
  • - Warehouse Management (WMOS)
  • - Distributed Order Management (DOM) packages
  • - iCaliper

Solution + Approach

Katalyst approached our client’s concerns with a 2-phase project solution. In phase 1 of the project, our team integrated Material Handling Equipment (MHE) and Warehouse Management (WMS) to achieve optimum warehouse performance. To perform this phase, Katalyst automated the client’s MHE and implemented a WMS software application into the client’s facility warehouse management.

In phase 2 of the project, Katalyst focused on expanding to meet the company’s evolving e-commerce efforts. To accomplish this, Katalyst implemented a new order-fulfillment picking process and designed a 200,000 square-foot building expansion.

To execute these solutions, the client worked with Katalyst alongside Material Handling Equipment (MHE) and Construction vendors. Katalyst supplied all necessary resources for project design and project management. Along with that, the client received advising from our Supply Chain Management (SCM) consultants and Development team. Our specialists provided QA testing, integration and live support post-integration.

Results + Conclusion

Over time, the company observed a 63% increase in orders during its peak period. The company also experienced a boost in employee productivity and associate morale. Months later, the client is still enjoying the benefits of its upgraded system and foresees many opportunities emerging as a result of working with Katalyst.

Through detailed planning and thoughtful design, Katalyst succeeded in achieving the desired results for our client on time (approximately 18 months total) and within the stipulated budget. The company’s associates are continuing to manage the new automation at full speed and are now champions of the newly-integrated facility layout and design.

Enterprise resource planning

We offer a range of engagement models, including offsite, on-site, and hybrid for ERP implementation, customization, and maintenance.