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Evanston, IL

500 Davis Street,
Suite #701,
IL 60201, USA

Business Goal

  • Mid-sized client in printing industry needed to add new product lines and functionality to their E-Commerce site.
  • Ensure that there was continued support to existing functionality.

Katalyst’s Solution

  • Using our onshore/offshore development model and agile development methodology, we were able to meet the client’s development needs.
  • We had both the E-Commerce and agile development expertise that the client needed to address their business challenges.

Business Challenge

Their bespoke E-Commerce site needed to be updated quickly while ensuring there was continued support for existing functionality.

Business requirements changed rapidly and frequently.

Successful Deliverables

Katalyst was successfully able to supply the resources and expertise to support and extend the client’s E-Commerce site more quickly than ever before.

  • Hybrid delivery approach leveraging our technical expertise and industry knowledge.
  • On-time delivery with no disruptions to existing functionalities.