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Evanston, IL

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Katalyst provides excellence in global design engineering services in the areas of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Embedded, Reverse Engineering, and Technical Publications.

Katalyst services the Aerospace, Defense, Heavy Equipment and Mining, Oil and Gas, and Industrial Verticals. Practice areas include Engine and drivetrain, structures and FEA, ASME Vessels, aerospace engineering, hydraulics.

Our industry recognized capabilities result in Katalyst’s exceptional ability to deliver end-to-end engineering services starting from product conceptualization thru release of shop-floor drawings.

Katalyst Expertise

Our state of the art center of excellence approach results in: increased product launch speed, reduced development costs and broadened engineering “know-how” for our clients. Teams can be expanded and contracted quickly, matching your changing engineering demands.

Clients trust us to minimize overhead and streamline prototyping and production processes with our team of design engineers.

End-to-End Design Engineering Solutions to Fit Your Engineering Needs.

Katalyst Differentiators

  • Reducing product development launch time with around the clock engineering.
  • We help you accelerate production, expedite final design fabrication, and ensure compliance by finding and correcting design flaws early, fashioning tooling and manufacturing fixtures, and researching all quality assurance and assembly challenges.

Successful Deliverables

  • Agile product development launches, result in greater market share capture for our clients.
  • Our hybrid delivery model leverages experienced engineering resources to deliver cost effective solutions which result in lower product development costs for our clients.
  • Center of Excellence approach provides broader and deeper capabilities when highly specialized engineering disciplines are required.