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Business Goal

Leading Aerospace Engine Manufacturer with global manufacturing operations needed a conceptual design and price proposal to mount a new turbo propeller engine onto a test 747 aircraft utilizing a stub-wing design to perform flight performance testing of the engine.

Katalyst’s Solution

  • Successful multi-disciplinary coordination of simultaneous engineering of mechanical, electrical systems, safety and ground systems.
  • Round-the-clock engineering resulted in project delivery ahead of schedule.
  • DFM (Design for Manufacturing) expertise with Katalyst’s Center of Excellence in aerospace machining and manufacturing married practical manufacturing considerations directly into the design right from the beginning.
  • Minimized overhead and streamlined prototyping and production processes with our hybrid delivery model to leverage experienced engineering resources.

Business Challenge

Project was a complex bid, design and build to specification contract.

Conceptual designs needed for experimental stub-wing and nacelle-structure mounting of the turbo-prop engine to the fuselage just behind the cockpit.

Project required knowledge of FAA regulations, structural and fatigue testing and simulation, mechanical design of stub wing, electrical design and wiring as well as ground work platforms, specialized lifting-assembly jigs and tooling for flight testing.

Successful Deliverables

Katalyst provided client with world class engineering designs:

  • Stub Wing and Nacelle structure.
  • Mezzanine Floor, ILE gantry and Hoisting structure.
  • Exhaust assembly and supporting structure for Fuel, Hydraulic and instrumentation.
  • Engineering with full BOM explosion, material selection, manufacturing process layout, estimating and weight analysis.