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The rising competition in the e-commerce segment has prompted online portals to generate unique tools that provide the customers with tailor-made experiences. With advanced technologies, like smart mirrors and virtual trial rooms, the apparel industry has taken a new leap towards customizing every customer interaction with the brand.

However, small and midsize business owners are not ready to invest in these large and expensive initiatives, alternative methods have been made available, to put personalization in their reach. At Katalyst, these cost-effective, innovative solutions can be achieved in a shorter implementation timeline, and with fewer resources. Microsites, Design Labs, and Sales toolkits are some examples which can be optimized to provide personalization for customers of B2B business owners.

Microsites: A microsite is an innovative and efficient way to personalize the website experience for a B2B customer. It’s an auxiliary portal, with an independent address and link, that is created for a B2B customer by the B2B business owner. The microsite is integrated with backend Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management System(WMS), in addition to data exchange with the main e-commerce platform.

So what can microsites be used for? They provide personalized services to the B2B customer’s members during special events, distributing employee uniforms/supplies, school uniform/supplies, and much more. For example, a golf apparel brand could develop a microsite strategy that can provide complete personalization options to their golf club customers for golf events. The members of the golf club can purchase apparel from the club’s personalized website. Katalyst has created multiple microsites that have enhanced the customer’s experience significantly. Below is an example of how a Microsite connected to an e-commerce portal and ERP such as ApparelMagic.


Design Labs: Everyone is a designer, they just need the opportunity to design. Sometimes, the best designs can come from our own ideas and interests. Personalization tools allow every person to become the designer, whether it be of coffee mugs or T-shirts, this ability to customize purchases is a new, and personal way to express oneself. Business owners now have the opportunity to create a platform in which everyone can be their own designer, making things that perfectly match their personal preferences. Apparel personalization has been a trend that has taken over many parts of the world. An apparel company purchases fabrics and deliver to their factory for manufacturing the clothes. Following current market trends, they can deploy the required customizing tools, to offer personalized clothes to their customers. This process makes them ahead of the market, as customers are more interested when it comes to personal selection since they can choose types of fabric, lettering and such according to their preferences. While offering the personalization option to the customers, it is also essential to consider their behavior. Different customers have different opinions; so offering ideal personalization features is never a cakewalk, but can be successfully implemented by analyzing their tastes, as well as trends from market research. Our website is an example of a customized tool that allows for greater personalization for various product offerings.

B2B Sales toolkit: Lead generation and conversion are different in a Business to Consumer(B2C) and Business to Business(B2B) scenarios. It is vital for the enterprise to provide the right tools for their sales team to achieve their sales target. Unleash the power of innovation by creating a platform for the sales team to build the catalog on the fly according to the preference of the customers. Sales Katalyst is a tool available in the market which does precisely this. The tool allows for multiple catalogs to be created based on various criteria and easily sharable with the customers. The real-time inventory management keeps salespeople updated on product stocks and integrates stock management with ERP like ApparelMagic. Sales Katalyst thoroughly analyzes Sales, Fast moving products, Inventory, and other Sales KPIs.

There are so many ways to establish customer personalization in B2B and business owners can offer a better shopping experience by adopting these simple steps. The key to succeeding is identifying the right partner for the process.


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