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Employee engagement and employee experience are two concepts that HR professionals in many companies and organizations talk a great deal about. As a new comer to Katalyst, here’s what I’ve learned about what Katalyst Technologies Inc.’s initiatives are towards fostering positive, successful experiences and engagement in its employees.

Employee engagement and employee experience are often used interchangeably, but there’s a significant difference between them. While employee engagement is how engaged an employee is at work, and how involved and active they are in their job and workplace,employee experience,also known as EX, is a wider concept that encompasses not just work, but the employee as a human being and the entire reality of what it is like to work at an organization.One way to think about employee engagement is as short-term, cosmetic changes that are aimed at improving the way employees workwhereas,EX is seen as a long-term, employee-centric approach in which employers design their workflow and processes around their employees to better their day to day and overall experiences. Workplace practices that are critical to cultivating a positive employee experience include organizational trust, coworker relationships, meaningful work, feedback and growth, empowerment and voice, recognition, and work-life balance. In order to foster successful and better employee engagement in the workplace, employers are encouraged to treat their employees as if they are their customers, need to understand what employees value and what they really care about, and need to cultivate empowerment in their employees by allowing some degree of decision-making. When employees are engaged at work, they are more productive, stay at their company longer, and are generally much happier and healthier than disengaged employees. And, when employee experience is achieved, companies see highly engaged employees and a significant impact on return on assets and sales.

In recent times, there has been a movement in the HR world to shift from employee engagement to employee experience. While the two concepts may seem like they are at odds with one another, it is important to recognize that both are equally important, and in order to develop a strategy that encompasses both concepts, organizations and companies need to understand both of them well and how they impact work and the organization as a whole.Thus, by combining both employee engagement and employee experience, companies can create an environment where employees feel genuinely valued.

At Katalyst Technologies Inc., there is a place for both employee engagement and employee experience. It is what makes us different from other companies and organizations, and we are proud of it.

There is a variety of activities and opportunities that Katalyst provides to foster successful engagement with work and our company and positive experiences for our employees. At Katalyst, our work is not only just meaningful but also challenging. However, no matter how challenging the work may seem, the rewards that come from collaboration and problem-solving are far more superior.Our employees are committed and encouraged to come back each day not only on Mondays for the lunches they offer each week but also to keep their Ping-Pong titles. Every quarter we organize a potluck, giving our employees the opportunity to share their diverse cultures and the food. Our HR team does an excellent job in reaching out to each of our employees through their journey at Katalyst and having one-on-one conversations with them, taking the opportunity to understand who they are, what they do, and their experiences. Employees are given the opportunity to attend and support the local sporting teams with one another that feature the Chicago Bears, Black hawks, and Bulls.

But most importantly, Katalyst is also a company where we stand by with our employees in every occasion. We celebrate birthdays, holidays, weddings, baby announcements, and other joyful moments with our employees, sharing with them gifts, greetings, appreciation, and other expressions of goodwill and gratitude. More recently, our team in Evanston came together for a company dinner in Chicago to celebrate our being named as one of the best small and medium businesses to work at by Great Place To Work®– a testament to our success in creating positive employee experiences. We are also equally present for and support our employees during times of hardship or sadness, such as during illness or loss.

At Katalyst, we believe people are our greatest assets. We want our employees – be they our remote employees, or the people who work in our offices globally – to enjoy working for Katalyst and feel genuinely valued, respected, and recognized for who they are and for their talents. As such, we believe it is important to cultivate positive, meaningful work environments and experiences,and offer opportunities to foster meaningful connections for our employees in order to engage and enable them to be the best versions of themselves while performing their best work. Through our commitment and dedication to our people, we are successful not just as a company, but in being a leader in the movement towards empowering happy, successful, engaged workers and creating positive, meaningful experiences in the workplace.

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