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It’s undoubtedly that time of year again: stuffed turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, the presence of friends and family, and a reason to give thanks for all of our good fortunes in the last year. And Donna Hozian, contracts team head at Katalyst, does it just right with her family. For Donna, Thanksgiving is all about family gatherings that have been carried on for generations. She describes her family celebrating by gathering together and showing appreciation for all the graces like good health, togetherness, a great workplace and of course the food.

Being a part of Katalyst, a fast-growing tech and software services company the one thing most of us want to NOT think about today, is technology. Tuck away those smartphones, put away that laptop, disconnect for one day and spend quality time with family and friends, right? Well, think again! Technology can help bring us closer on this most American of holidays, provided it’s put to good use instead of as an interruption from fam-time. But I’m not here to preach about how amazing Katalyst is as a technology services company, but rather to showcase our gratitude and thanks to the people that we work with and their blessings. Our clients, suppliers, vendors and most of all our employees that we are grateful and immensely thankful for.

Here are some of the things our team members and leaders expressed thanks for this year.

CEO and founder, Rahul Shah says, Our customers and employees are what makes us not only a fast-growing company but always a company where people want to come to work every day, and for that, I am truly thankful. I understand that all our customers have a choice, but I appreciate them having the trust and the confidence in us. I am especially grateful for our extended family [our team] and their hard work, dedication, and passion. He further adds, “Everyone at Katalyst treats each other with respect and love and welcomes each other with open arms … and that’s something I can never be thankful enough for”.

While the COO, Shobha Shah says, “I am thankful for my team who I work with closely. They are more than family to me. We are a close-knit group where we share and connect not just about work but also on a personal note”. Moreover, she adds a fun fact about arguing in meeting with her husband, our CEO, but is extremely thankful for him and his ears [for listening to her and agreeing with her, most times!]

Melissa Valdespino, Administrative Associate part of Shobha’s team, expressed gratitude for having her guidance as a young talent at Katalyst. “What I appreciate the most about working at Katalyst are my co-workers. Everyone is so inviting and helpful. I think it’s great that everyone can work hard but manage to be friendly and fun around the office. I am especially thankful for Shobha Shah [and] I am immensely grateful for her guidance. She has an extremely busy schedule and still manages to put in the time to meet with me and answer my questions. I think that at my young age having a leader like her will fundamentally shape not only my work experience but also my character”.

Dave Schuler, our Chief Systems Architect, also expresses his thanks for not only being a part of Katalyst but emphasizes that he is “thankful to learn new things and have the opportunity to teach them too”.  Whereas Manoj a new addition to our team at Katalyst feels especially blessed “to be in an organization where you are given the freedom and liberty to work independently and contribute to a team that helps and supports you through the challenges.”

On that note, with the many different things to be thankful for we all come together to celebrate this festive season with a company lunch and here’s wishing all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Katalyst.

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