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Praveen Minumula, CTO of Katalyst Technologies, hosted a 2-day training event in preparation for the company’s transition towards Agile, a software development methodology. Read on to learn more about Agile, Agile training, and why Katalyst continues to invest in both its processes and its employees:

What is an Agile Methodology?
As its name suggests, the Agile methodology allows businesses to adapt and respond to changes quickly. From its framework to its practices, Agile software development covers all set values within the Agile Manifesto and the 12 Principles (Goncalves, 2019).

The emphasis of Agile is on collaboration and the self-organizing team, making Agile solutions evolve so that the user can quickly discover its successes and failures. With Agile values and principles in mind, businesses like ours can guide which frameworks and techniques work best for our practices, helping deliver exceptional value to customers.

Why Agile?
Last year, Katalyst acquired Nova Techset and Panacea. This acquisition quickly expanded our global presence – going from 3 to 6 locations in India within a matter of 12 months. With new talent attracted from all over the world, Katalyst considered implementing a new, standardized approach towards project management.

In the end, Katalyst has chosen Agile as the foundation for our methodology moving forward. To better align resources and reduce disparity on deliverables, Katalyst has moved towards the standard form of Agile, tweaking the processes and tools to meet our business requirements.

Because Agile is a shared practice, training was imperative. Read on to learn more about our approach towards Agile training.

What does Agile Training look like at Katalyst?
Agile training is the ideal way to set your project management team on the basic concepts of Agile and how to implement it. Through training, we teach the underlying Agile concepts and clarify the differences between the various approaches.

Praveen Minumula, CTO of Katalyst Technologies, hosted the training event for his team in Pune, India. Those that couldn’t participate in the actual training attended the live-streaming.

Before the training event, Praveen worked closely with the leadership team to develop goals for the Agile transformation. He ensured that the goals of the Agile training were concurrent with the company’s overall business goals and values. Praveen planned the training in such a way that managers can adequately support their teams during and after the transition. In these meetings, the team focused on creating a sustainable environment through a well-structured organizational design.

At the training event, an Agile trainer used games and exercises to guide the transition. The trainer’s purpose was to enforce the various methodologies, principles, and frameworks of Agile. Some of the frameworks reviewed during the training include Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe.

Since the training, our developers, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance, DevOps, Managers, and Coordinators are all well-versed on the Agile theory and its practices. As part of the Katalyst company culture, we encourage our employees to continue to implement experiential learning in the workplace. For further training and development, an Agile trainer will be available to support our teams, alongside Praveen and other Agile practitioners.

We look forward to continuing the application of Agile and are excited to see the results of the transition. If you’d like to learn more about Agile or our solutions, please feel free to contact Praveen at or

Goncalves, L. (2019, Feb 4). What is Agile Methodology [Blog post]. Retrieved from

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