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Impact on Magento

Adobe has now announced it would buy e-commerce company Magento for $1.68 billion—allowing it to work in the B2B and B2C contexts.  According to the experts in customer relationship management, this acquisition fills a glaring hole in Adobe’s Experience Cloud. (Source: Tech Crunch) As for Magento, the purchase will help the company meet the demand it’s been encountering recently from enterprise organizations spanning insurance, financial services, wholesale and entertainment companies. “The acquisition will help Magento develop in the enterprise market, both from the product and sales perspective,” says Jason Daigler, research director, digital commerce for Gartner Inc.

Why this is crucial for your business:

Magento is one of the largest platforms in the e-commerce market and is particularly popular with small companies. Adobe is a giant marketing platform.  Marry off the two and what do you have? A better way for customers of both the companies to sell and market their products online. This isn’t just smart thinking; it’s an inevitable evolution. If you’re selling online, you also need both outbound and inbound marketing campaigns to supplement your advertising, and hopefully, your e-commerce platform provides those tools. As stated before, for Magento, the purchase will definitely be beneficial for the company in meeting the demands it’s been coming across for a little while back from different industries.

Katalyst Impact:

Magento, the e-commerce platform provider for 167 retailers in the Top 1000 list, is an open-source platform, which means it allows web developers to create and share their custom features or tweak the existing ones themselves because it offers access to underlying source code.  A survey of merchants by Internet Retailer conducted in November and 12% said they were using Magento as their current e-commerce platform and stated they expect this number to multiply after the acquisition by Adobe.

Katalyst has over 100 developers on a global spectrum who have up to date training on both Magento versions 1 and 2.  We deliver high-quality, scalable, secure applications by managing the complete lifecycle of the application. Our hybrid delivery model leverages experienced resources to provide cost-effective solutions.  Whether your business is of$10 Million or $100 Million, we are confident that our bandwidth of competent open source developers can meet your e-commerce requirements and goals.  Developmental efficiency along with the ability to build your team while keeping it budget friendly is all the more reason to consider Katalyst as your Magento Partner.

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