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Evanston, IL

500 Davis Street,
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IL 60201, USA

Our true north

We are building an innovative and energetic organization connected to our core values.

These are more than simply words on a page. It defines us and how we conduct our business.

Thinking ahead

Our core values are our True North that helps us in nurturing and growing our culture of trust, openness, fairness, and equality. While we might sacrifice short-term profit and growth, in the long term we are committed to building a sustainable, profitable, and successful enterprise.

  • Equal Opportunity and Respect for All
  • Shared Success
  • Value our Customers
foundational values

One United Family.

We hire and promote talent from around the world. In most cases, we are hiring individuals from economically challenged places and providing them a platform to showcase their abilities to our global customers.

Shared Success

We believe an organization’s sole purpose shouldn’t be to only maximize profits for its shareholders but to also share it with its employees and with the communities in which we operate. Developing products and services that bridge inequality globally is what motivates us every day.

Value our Customers

We believe that to build a value-based organization, we have to work with customers who share our philosophy and value system. Our ideal customer embraces our value system, adds value to the society, and practices, and engages in activities that grow communities, protect the environment, and create a culture of inclusivity.

Equal opportunity and Respect for All

We believe all humans bring equal value, regardless of gender, race, religion, or ethnicity. For our company to be successful and attract and retain the best and the brightest, we must provide opportunities to everyone to help reach their fullest potential.