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Katalyst helps clients design new warehouse operations that are transparent, intelligent and predictive.

Whether greenfield or conversions, we can lead the project design efforts using industry recognized best practices to ensure efficient processes are designed that meet our clients’ goals.

  • Design

    Comprehensive engagement for single area of design or full project design. These include warehouse layout and design, functional requirements gathering, functional and technical design documentationand workflow planning.

  • WMC Configuration

    Katalyst clients entrust us to perform WMS configuration of the entire solution as well as software enhancements.

    We can be a part of a team to accomplish WMS configuration or take on the full management and execution of the configuration

  • System Integration

    Katalyst has executed over 300+ integration projects including interfaces from the WMS to carriers, host systems, conveyor and pick to light systems using a variety of communication mechanisms including EDI messaging using ANSI and EDIFACT standards, XML using a VAN, AS2 etc.

    In addition, Katalyst can help with any Labor Management, RFID and dashboard integrations and other reporting tools

  • Process Optimization

    During design, we are always looking for ways to improve process cost and efficiency including refining wave strategies, pick line slotting and resource allocations.

    By including all process stakeholders during process design and measuring the process results against KPIs, we can show our customers quantitative data which can be used for ongoing operational and system improvement decisions.


As part of our supply chain services, Katalyst works with our clients to provide modifications and advanced integration services given our data model and system architecture knowledge.

Typically, our customers benefit from reduce integration time and cost by leveraging pre -built interfaces where applicable.

  • Strategy

    Katalyst provides inventory optimization strategies across our customers’ supply chain to increase efficiencies and meet customer demand.

    We work with our clients to establish KPIs to benchmark the performance, identify areas of improvement and ensure processes are enforced.

  • Development & Configuration

    During requirements gathering, Katalyst works with our clients to understand their business needs and assess whether configuration is possible within the system for the requirement before designating the requirement as a modification in need of development.

    Katalyst confidently provides quality and on-time development using our blended on-shore/off-shore resource model.

  • Material Handling Integration

    Leverage our extensive experience-over 300 projects integrating the WMS to several MHE conveyors, sorters and P2L operations.

    Capital expenditure for these projects has ranged from $0.5M to over $40M-no project is too big or too small.


At Katalyst, we have been helping companies reduce their overall WMS spend and redirecting their resources by providing our resources to partially or fully manage and execute the implementation of WMS packages such as Manhattan, JDA and SAP.

  • Vendor/Software Selection

    Katalyst has the operational and technical expertise in addition to WMS application knowledge to help our clients choose a WMS package that works best for them.

    We work with clients to assess software which is based on their requirements while using proven tools and templates that have been refined over years of different software selection engagements.

  • Configure & Implement

    Whether we are managing the entire implementation or participating in a portion of the project, Katalyst can help with key activities such as master data cleansing and upload, as well as creating test data.

    We also prepare test and training plans, work instructions and deliver training seamlessly and effectively.

  • POST Go Live Support

    Katalyst provides resources to triage “go-live” related issue resolution in all functional areas and across all shifts.

    We confidently deliver full 24X7 post-production support services.


Clients choose us to provide production support for Manhattan WMi and other applications because of our ability to provide better incident resolution, improved overall SLA performance, full root cause analysis for high priority incidents and KPI reporting.

  • Production Support

    Based on accepted Service Level Agreements, Katalyst will prioritize and resolve your issues producing full root cause analysis for critical incidents and track resolutions for lessons learned, training opportunities and software enhancements.

    Katalyst also provides proactive monitoring of processes, servers etc. related to your WMS and works within your model to provide alerts and/or resolutions.

  • 24 x 7 Help Desk Services

    Our production support model includes the ability to have a dedicated team provide full 24X7 incident resolution.

    If you do not need 24X7 coverage, we can quickly customize models to fit your specific needs including weekdays, evenings only, weekends only, etc.

  • Change Management

    Prior to and post “go live”, Katalyst can manage the promotion of code throughout your environments using our internal standards.

    Code promotion is also coordinated with all partners to reduce the impact the changes have on end users.

  • Reporting

    Katalyst collects and sends reports back to our customers on SLA performance including SLA breaches.

    This data also helps to identify processes requiring further training, process improvements that eliminate downtime and opportunities for software enhancements with ROI support

  • Version Upgrades

    Clients entrust us to plan and perform full system version upgrades.

    We can successfully help to evaluate how the WMS upgrade will pay-off, review how new features and modules may be of benefit to you and how custom modifications will be handled in newer versions.

  • iCaliper

    iCaliper provides users access to meaningful data for rapid analysis, ultimately augmenting performance and reduce overheads. iCaliper software is easy to integrate with Manhattan WM, Red Prairie WM, High Jump, SAP, Oracle and any other ERP systems that support a JDBC connection.